The AGEG Task Force

States, non-government organisations, citizens and forward thinking businesses are developing initiatives to halt worsening environmental devastation. As systems of governance fragment into myriad initiatives stakeholders are demanding better mechanisms of accountability.  We established this network to promote collaborative research on the concept of accountability in global environmental governance. We bring together scholars with intimate knowledge of key environmental regimes (e.g. air, water, forests, energy and climate) along with scholars of global institutions (e.g. the United Nations Environmental Program, the World Bank, International Conventions’ Secretariats), and local initiatives. Our AGEG Task Force is part of the Earth System Governance Project.  Our aim is to trace accountability across global environmental governance to improve our conceptual understanding, theoretical tools and empirical analysis of the value of accountability in generating better environmental outcomes. 



An edited volume by Susan Park and Teresa Kramarz published by MIT Press.

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An examination of whether accountability mechanisms in global environmental governance that focus on monitoring and enforcement necessarily lead to better governance and better environmental outcomes.

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Tracing Accountability through Global Environmental Governance

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