My scholarship is informed by ten years of direct field experience in international development.  I developed, monitored and evaluated international development projects, and global initiatives with the United Nations Development ProgrammeWorld BankFood and Agriculture Organization and the Canadian International Development Agency.  I lived and worked throughout most of Central and South America.

This first-hand experience has provided me a valuable vantage point to analyze the constituting of global governance through the lens of international organizations, and experiences of beneficiaries on the ground.

Current Research Projects

Accountability in Global Environmental Governance (with Susan Park, University of Sydney).

The system of global environmental governance has been riddled by fragmentation and duplication of efforts, dispersed political authority and weak regulatory influence. The inefficiency of the system has been matched by a growing concern over the future provision of global public goods. A research network launched by Teresa Kramarz and Susan Park explores approaches to accountability to assess the necessity and potential for greater accountability in the system. To view the website for this research program click here 


Think Globally, Act Locally? Accounting for the Local Costs of Global Environmental Benefits. 

Using Ecuador and Argentina as my case studies, I take up the question of rational action in governing global public goods by analyzing why states sometimes agree to pay local costs for securing global public goods, such as mitigating climate change and protecting biodiversity. 


Transatlantic Varieties of IR: Domestic Experience and the Study of the International (with Patricia Greve, University of Toronto). 

We have constructed a database of publication patterns from 10 leading IR journals over the last 20 years presenting an empirical picture that suggests that European and American scholars focus, among other things, on divergent actors, geographic scales, and topics of study.  We suggest that academics' domestic experience (with state‐society relations, institutions, and traditions, for example) socializes them into particular understandings of politics (with Patricia Greve).


Assessment of First Year Programs' Impact on Academic Engagement 

The past decade has seen Canadian colleges and universities, belatedly, focussing more time, attention and resources on the first year experience.  This research provides a baseline that can serve as the foundation for future and ongoing longitudinal studies to assess cumulative, long term and spill over effects of a first year program in qualitative and qualitative terms.


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Book (forthcoming):

Park, Susan and Teresa Kramarz. “The Paradox of Accountability in Global Environmental Governance.”  MIT Press.

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